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We’re here to serve our student community by providing the information and resources they need to achieve their academic and career goals. We encourage all students to meet regularly with their counselor; we’re armed with information you need and happy to help.

4-Year Academic Plan

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Student Job Opportunities

HND009 - Elementary Education Intern
Junior Elective
Prerequisite: Counselor Recommendation
This is a job-shadowing program. The student works at an elementary school, in any grade (K–8), for the calendar school year. Students will complete a series of observations, lessons, and interactive bulletin boards that will become part of an employment portfolio.

HND020– Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG)
Freshman–Senior Elective
Prerequisite: Teacher or Counselor Recommendation
JAG provides students with opportunities to learn about themselves and about various traditional and nontraditional occupations and careers. Students also gain an awareness of the type of occupational preparation or training they’ll need for various occupations and careers. Students develop skills in: (1) employability, (2) understanding the economic process, and (3) career decision making and planning. This program provides opportunities for students to observe and participate in various job situations through field trips, internships, mock interviews, and guest speakers. Students also gain resume development and career related testing experience.

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