EHS Academics

At Elko High School, we believe that academics are the foundation of the high school experience and should come first. Included in the traditional core subjects, we offer students the opportunity to achieve above and beyond state expectations. With these opportunities, every Elko HS student can have a bright and successful future!

Foreign Language Highlights

Students can explore different languages or hone in on excelling in one language throughout their high school career. Beginning in ninth grade, students can take any one of the three foreign languages we offer. With time and practice, students can expect to be fluent by their senior year.

  • French

  • German

  • Spanish

Science Highlights

Our science and STEM courses include honors and AP courses. Students can enjoy and excel in the following at EHS:

  • Biology (including AP)

  • Biotechnology (including Honors)

  • Chemistry (including Honors)

  • Floriculture

  • Horticulture

  • Greenhouse management

  • Physics (including AP)

  • STEM research and projects

  • Veterinary science

  • Zoology (including Honors)

Social Studies Highlights

Students who have a desire to excel beyond state standards have every opportunity to do so. We’re honored to be able to offer the following to Elko HS students:

  • AP World History

  • AP US Government

  • AP Psychology

Visit the CollegeBoard website for more information about AP courses.

Course Catalogs

Nevada State Standards

Learn more about the state of Nevada’s educational standards and assessments.